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Утилизация технологий и уничтожение античной цивилизации

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Cemetery of trams killed by General Motors, o. Terminal, California, 1956. By the beginning of the 20th century, in almost every village in the United States with a population of more than 2,500 people, there was its own electric road system, in addition to this, the tram lines connected a huge number of cities to each other. The longest continuous route was more than 1,500 kilometers, and the average speed of intercity trains was 130 km / h. For some time, the tram companies and auto giants managed to coexist and develop normally, but by the 1920s, sales of General Motors cars began to plummet. Those who wanted and could afford a personal car, have already purchased it, the remaining 90% moved mainly by electric vehicles. A 1974 report by US Senate advisor Bradford Snell provided evidence that from 1936 to 1950 General Motors, in conjunction with Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California and Phillips Petroleum, created substitute holding companies through which they bought tram lines and eliminated them. Direct threats, blackmail, deception and bribery of officials were used, extensive contacts of the leadership in ruling and banking circles were used. As a result, stinky, slow buses gradually replaced the trams. The manufacturer of these buses were all the same General Motors. Well, inconvenient graphics, cramped and stuffy showrooms forced solvent citizens to purchase personal cars. The court found only a plot to prove the purchase of buses manufactured by General Motors proved. For violation of antitrust laws, the company was fined $ 5,000, and each of the company’s executives was paid $ 1. Trams by that time had already disappeared from almost all cities.

The end of the article. Now let’s look at an old video demonstration of French technology tanks of pre-revolutionary time. Here we see the excellent technology of rivets, which we, unfortunately, do not own. And a little further, the demonstration shows why these giant tanks were created, because they destroy the ancient architecture. This can be seen on the clutch. As the practice of the 90s showed, such buildings are not so easy to break up — metal cables were torn. This is to understand the quality of the material produced by the factories of those times before reformatting the World. Buy such a brick today, build a building out of it — it will last without exaggeration for a thousand years and the brick will look like new. Get the metal of that time — it will stand for a thousand years and not a bit rusty — and scientists are surprised at the post in India and only one post for them is a great miracle, which of course it is, in comparison with today’s primitive technologies. From that, actually such giant tanks were created to demolish concrete, industrial, important buildings for sure and to the point.

There were more powerful projects for the disposal and destruction of antiquity. For example, in order to destroy the Stars, which are unfairly called fortresses, Ivan Semchishin proposed to Nikolay the Second a project of a sharotank nicknamed «Oboy». Evaluate which project the monster conceived by the 1915s just for the sake of destroying ancient structures: The apparatus proposed by Semchishin was intended, according to the creator, to destroy fortresses and was “an armored epicycloid several hundred meters high” hitting a colossal mass structure on a chosen target. Can you imagine transport a few hundred meters away? And past engineers proceeded from the capabilities of that time — this is the presence of ala Titanic engines, factories for the manufacture of giant metalwork ala Elf Tower. Plus, it should be obviously people who can build, and not uneducated peasants in sandals. The hull of a huge ovoid design was made of hardened steel with a thickness of 100 mm. The car was set in motion with the help of engines located inside the vehicle and raising the eccentric flywheel, which, in turn, ensured the machine to roll on the ground. Moreover, according to the designer, the speed of the machine is directly dependent on the duration of the flywheel in a raised state. In a note with the alleged characteristics Semchishin indicated the maximum speed of the device — 300 versts per hour. When driving to the rise, the inventor also proposed to use jet powder accelerators. In addition to the engines and controls, there were also “spotlights, wireless telegraph, elevators, living quarters and even shops” inside the vehicle Snow Bullet Author.

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